Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on my first visit?

  • You should try to arrive a couple minutes early to give yourself time to fill out the required health history form. This form is important as it gives your therapist insight about any past and or present medical conditions, allergies and medications you may be taking. Knowing this information it makes it easier for the therapist to create a treatment plan just for you and your needs. 

What is the parking situation at Back to Nature Wellness Centre?

  • Back to Nature Wellness Centre is located on a corner lot in a residential neighbourhood, so there is plenty of free street parking. The entrance is at ground level. 

Will I be able to get reimbursed by my Health Insurance Company for my session?

  • Yes all three of our Massage Therapists are members in good standing with the NHPC (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada) their insurance number will be on your reciept so that you can be reimbursed. Please check with your provider about your pre session requirements, some providers need a Doctor's referral for massage therapy. 

Do I have to completely undress for the treatment? 

  • No you do not need to completely undress if you are not comfortable. Your comfort level will always be respected during your treatment. Direct skin contact is best with the application of oil or lotion, however your therapist can always modify techniques through the sheets if you choose to keep your under garments on. Rest assured Massage Therapists are required to cover/drape you with a sheet so that only the area they are working on is exposed.  

Should I eat before I come for my massage treatment?

  • It is best not to eat at least 90 mins before your massage treatment. The body needs time to digest your food. It is the same caution you take when you go swimming or exercise. The digestion process directs blood flow away from your extremities and concentrates it on the digestive tract. Massage draws blood flow to the areas being worked on therefore away from the digestive tract causing poor digestion and possible discomfort. 

Is it normal for massage to be painful? 

  •  This depends on the type of massage and the depth of the strokes. A light relaxing massage that does not go very deep should not hurt and there should be very little post treatment soreness. A good deep tissue or cupping massage may go into the "feel good" hurt zone. It should never go into the "ouch stop it" hurt zone. Pain is an indication that something is possibly injured or inflamed and the massage pressure needs to be adjusted. You should always be able to breathe comfortably during your session, this helps facilitate release of tension. If you find yourself holding your breath, that is an indication the pressure is too much. You should always let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable with the treatment. 

Will I be sore after my massage?

  • Post treatment soreness is normal if you received a deep tissue or cupping massage. It should not last for more than 1-2 days. It will feel like you did a good workout at the gym. To help reduce the amount of post treatment soreness you feel, drink lots of water to help flush out your system. Also soaking in an Epsom salt bath after your massage will help further flush out muscle wastes and lactic acids that make your muscles sore. You need 1-2 cups of Epsom salts to make the bath effective and you should try to soak for a minimum of 15-20 mins. 

When is massage therapy not recommended?

  • Massage therapy is not recommended if you have a fever, flu like symptoms or contagious skin infections. Massage will only make things worse. If you are sick, stay at home and rest. Please try to give us as much notice as you can so that we can fill your spot with someone from the wait list. Please note that a session fee will not be charged for sessions cancelled due to illness.

What is Back to Nature Wellness Centre's Cancellation Policy?

  • 24 hours notice is required or a session fee will be charged.